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Seventh International Surface Polishing Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Date:2015年8月18日 15:18

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition (National Exhibition Road 1099)

Supported by: China Machinery Industry Federation

Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Yi Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Institute of new materials

Sponsor: Shanghai Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai tournament in One Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Industry Sponsor: Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials Technology Industry Branch hardface China Foundry Association Shanghai Branch of new materials, wear-resistant castings Powder Metallurgy Association Branch

Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Rare Earths cast alloy thermal spraying China Surface Engineering Association Professional Committee of China Surface Engineering Association

China Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Association hardface Technical Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, the Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering Branch coating heat treatment branch

Strategic Partner: HC surface mesh network grinding mill China Business Network China International Surface Treatment net

Previous review ExhibitionReview

    The last show on June 10, 2015 --12 successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition area of over 12,000 square meters, bringing together the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Sweden nearly more than 400 enterprises in Singapore, Korea, Australia, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, a total of 26 countries and regions, 27,687 people come to visit. Exhibition brings together the world's leading surface polishing and grinding materials, equipment and technology. Polishing Shanghai International Exhibition was founded in 2010, located in the "market-oriented, technology-oriented, international, high-level", the industry as a "barometer, technological development weathervane Chinese buffing market", rooted in China, polishing and grinding industry, to help companies develop international and domestic markets. SECHIAN With its unique geographical advantages, advanced and practical exhibition facilities, as well as the quality of professional services, has become the promotion of domestic and foreign trade exchange buffing major international exhibition platform.

    Huge market demand EnormousMarketDemand

    At present, China's annual output value polishing industry 260 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the world. It can be said, polishing industry to enhance the country's gross industrial production has made tremendous contributions. Since the 21st century, along with economic development, the development of good domestic polishing industry, local government has issued preferential policies, support the development of polishing industry, and now amount to anything polishing industrial area is mainly in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Dongguan polishing industry Park have also developed. As China becomes the new "World Manufacturing Center", China is becoming the world's largest polishing applications market, while China is in the stage of the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, then the advanced polishing and grinding machines will be increasing demand broad market space. 2016 is expected to reach a shortage of opportunities for polishing and grinding stage. We believe that through the support of national policies and polishing industry continued efforts, our polishing equipment industry will usher in the spring of development, to promote a new wave of grinding and polishing machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

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