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Tianjin fire is not fire-resistant coating on deep in the study

Date:2015年8月18日 15:12

Surface treatment News: fire-resistant coating for combustible substrate surface to be coated to reduce the flammability of the material surface, blocking the rapid spread of fire to enhance the fire resistance of the material to be coated in a special coating. Fireproof coating is applied on the substrate surface, in addition to a flame retardant, it also has a rust-proof, waterproof, corrosion, abrasion, heat and coating tenacity, coloring, adhesion, easy to dry and some gloss performance.

    Fireproof coating classification

    The coating of use classification: decorative fireproof paint, wood fire retardant paint, fireproof coatings, concrete structure fire retardant paint, tunnel fire retardant paint, cable fire retardant coating;

    The coating of the Performance Category: Non-intumescent fire retardant coating, intumescent fire retardant coating.

    Fire mechanism fireproof coating

    (1) fire retardant coating itself has a flame retardant or non-flammable, so the substrate to be protected from direct contact with air, fire and reduce the delay object burning speed.

    (2) In addition to fire-resistant coating itself has flame retardant or nonflammable, it also has a low thermal conductivity, flame temperature can delay the transfer of the substrate to be protected.

    (3) fire retardant coating thermal decomposition of non-combustible inert gas, dilute the protected object thermal decomposition of combustible gas, making it difficult to burn up or slow down the burning speed.

    (4) fire retardant coating thermal decomposition of nitrogen NO, NH3 and other groups, with the organic radical compounds, interrupt the chain reaction, reduce the temperature.

    (5) The intumescent fire retardant coating thermal expansion of the foam, to form a carbon foam insulation enclosed object to be protected, delay the transfer of heat to the substrate, preventing objects ignition combustion or strength due to temperature rise caused by the fall.

    Construction method fireproof coating

    In the construction of fire-resistant coating on the use of tools and equipment to evenly cover the surface of the object being construction paint, but the nature of the different types of paint, its construction methods vary. Blind construction will lead to the desired results. For different construction objects and different properties fireproof materials, we will take a different construction methods. So as to obtain the best coating quality.


    The figure is the whole process of a spray coating method, using a spray gun to paint the atomized spray to the surface, even after spraying the coating quality, production efficiency is very high. But in the construction process will be part of the paint is wasted, and because a lot mist evaporation of the solvent, the operation is not conducive to health. Key equipment air spray gun is. Gun based paint supply mode is usually divided into gravity, suction and pressure feed type three, and by spraying capacity is divided into small and large categories. Paint viscosity is high, need air pressure, large-diameter nozzle should be selected; coating low viscosity, small need pressure, can choose small diameter nozzle.

    Scratch law

    Often use such as glass, steel blade, horn scraper, plastic scraper, hard rubber sheet and other metal or non-metal knife Hand tool, the excess portion of the surface of various Mastic fireproof paint or cracks and other scratch off.

    Roll coating method

    Roll coating method is generally applicable to the construction of the wall, above the paste on the roller coating, then rolling back and forth on the wall surface, the paint stuck to the wall. We are talking about small diameter roller is a hollow cylinder, a useful stick synthetic surface made of long hair, both ends of the cylinder fitted with two washers, center hole, curved handle this through the hole. Now technology has been improved, roll coating apparatus useful for transporting paint compressor appears.

    Brushing method

    Brushing method is not only suitable for the wall construction, for any other shape of the object surface can be a job, most fire-resistant coating can be used this method of construction. Brushing method is also very aspect of the coating to the surface of the pore construction, among slit, which can enhance the surface adhesion. However, its low productivity, high labor intensity, sometimes leaving brush marks painted surface, the impact decorative coating.

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